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Session kicks off more gamplay footage in new trailer


Skateboarding is a popular sport for kids, teens and adults all around the world. You’re never too old to enjoy the technical styling, makeshift attitude and incredible death-defying thrills of the top-end of the sport. But not all skaters are XGames fanatics looking to pull of crazy stunts. Some people just want to zip around their neighborhood doing simple and clean lines off of park benches and stairs, and that’s OK.

This is where a new skating sim comes in, looking to capture that gritty and realistic feel of skating games popularized by the Skate franchise. Session is back again this week, and yes, we’ve got more gameplay footage to show. The new trailer is very short and sweet, but it does reveal some nice details. We already saw the hyper-realism of the skating sim in the previous reveal trailer, and this new snippet of gameplay just confirms what we all wanted, that Session is very simple on the surface, but hides a bevy of wonderful mechanics just below that layer.

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The trailer is incredibly simple, and just shows off some of the basic physics driving the simulation. And even though it’s very simple, it actually shows a decent amount of polish. I would definitely put the skating physics around the level of the first Skate  title, which is great for an Early Access indie title.

Session will arrive on Steam’s Early Access platform on September 17th. The full launch of the title is planned for early 2020, although that’s not set in stone. Developer Creā-ture Studios has also indicated that a release into the Xbox One Preview program will come later. According to the developers, the game will cost around $20. You can find the newest trailer for the game down below.

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