All Bounty Board locations in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1

How to Complete Bounties in Fortnite

You might not think it, but gas stations are pretty important in Fortnite. With all of the other quests and hidden locations, there’s a lot to find in this game. There’s also some old mechanics making a comeback. One thing we’ve gotten more of is the bounty NPCs.  The Bounty Board in Fortnite Chapter 3 is a pretty key tool, once again. Each time you interact with a Bounty Board in Fortnite Chapter 3, you get a bounty from a random NPC. This is how you get Gold Bars. You can spend them on upgrades and new weapons, which is pretty useful.

All Bounty Board locations in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1

Below you can find both the locations of each Bounty Board in Fortnite Chapter 3. These may change over time. And frankly, we’re probably missing some. We also included a map with all the locations down below, too.

Bounty Board in Fortnite Chapter 3 Location

  • Inside the lower level of the Seven base northwest of Logjam Lumberyard
  • Between Rocky Reels and Chonker’s Speedway on the side of the old wooden house
  • Just inside Seven Outpost 2 southwest of Greasy Grove
  • In Butter Barn Southwest of Rocky Reels
  • Inside the restaurant building in Greasy Grove, in the basement.
  • In Joneses, in the wooden building with the billards table. Check the basement.
  • Inside Seven Outpost 3 northeast of the Daily Bugle
  • North of Sanctuary, inside the outpost, and under the arch.
  • South of the Shifty Shores, just by the boat dock.
  • Behind Seven Outpost 4 on the southern island in the bay on the east coast
  • In the big house west of Camp Cuddle
  • Near Seven Outpost 5 south of Condo Canyon
  • Never Seven Outpost 6 south of the lake from Shifty Shafts
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So get out there and complete some Bounties. In fact, this week has a ton of stuff to do. These mysterious devices can be hard to find, and kick off a quest chain. You then need to visit a giant statue, then destroy some signal jammers. There’s a lot to do in Chapter 3. And then, of course, there are the weekly challenges. We’re in Week 1, so the challenges are pretty simple.

Chapter 3 Season 1 Week 1 Quests

  • Search chests or ammo boxes at landmarks (0/10)
  • Discover named locations (0/10)
  • Get eliminations with an SMG or Sniper Rifle (0/3)
  • Damage opponents with an assault rifle (0/1000)
  • Damage opponents while sliding (0/50)
  • Open a Vault with another player (0/1)
  • Harvest resources (0/1000)
  • Jump through flaming rings in a vehicle (0/2)
  • Land at the Daily Bugle, then finish Top 25 (0/2)
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