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If you’re new to Icarus, this survival game might be a bit too hard. Icarus cheats and console commands can help with that. The cheating process in this game is not enabled by default. There is a way around that though, as you can use The Universal Unreal Engine 4 Unlocker. The unlocker can do much more than just cheat. It can alter FOV settings, change rendering scales and much more.

As with any third-party software and cheats, download and use these at your own risk. Thanks to the way the injection process works, some anti-virus software may erroneously flag this as unsafe.

Here’s how to use the unlocker to enable cheats:

  • Download and install the UE4U
  • Open Icarus, then the UE4U program. Open the UE4U window and select Inject DLL. Select the process for Icarus. This will be Mainetx for Game Pass users.
  • Press Inject DLL to enable the UE4U compatibility in-game.
  • A window should come up inside Icarus when the process completes.
  • Press the Tilde key to enable the command window in-game.

Icarus Cheats and Console Commands

So far, these are the console commands that can be used in the game.

  • god – Turns on God Mode, meaning you take no damage.
  • teleport – Use this to teleport to a location where your crosshair is pointing.
  • timespeed # – Use this to speed up stop time. Higher numbers speed up gameplay and zero will stop time.
  • sg.PostProcessQuality 0 – Removes depth of field.
  • pause – Pauses the game entirely
  • toggledebugcamera – Unlocks the character and camera, allowing players to move around much more feely.
  • kill – Kills your character, forces a respawn.
  • DamageTarget # – Damages a target for the indicated amount.
  • stat fps – Toggles FPS display
  • stat unit – Toggles frame times display
  • showdebug – Toggles coordinates display
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If you would prefer to learn, we have plenty of guides about this game. If you want to get your base set up, build that shelter. There’s some iron and steel you also want to make, as you get later into the game. Other advanced items like bread and tree sap are useful as well.

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