How amulets, belts and boots work in Spellbreak

Does Spellbreak have duos and solo play?

Spellbreak is a very unique twist on the battle royale genre that has some fantasy and RPG elements. There are three different types of gear in the game: amulets, belts, and boots. Each of the gear types has its own stats and rarity values. Players will also notice that each tier has its own coloring for the loot icon. The ultra-rare Legendary items are colored orange for example. There are five tiers of rarity in the game overall.

Some class features, like the Mage effects, can alter your stats. For example, some modifiers can give you +20 armor in some cases. Try out different combinations and find what works for you. You won’t always have the best gear on hand, so why not get used to dealing with meager bonuses in some cases.

Here is a breakdown of what each type of gear does, and its overall impact on stats. Let’s start with Amulets.


Amulets increase your mana stats, and make it easier to cast spells. Each rarity will have a higher impact. Mana is the most important element of spellcasting in the game. The basic Amulets have a +10 Mana boost, with a total Mana pool of 60. You can get up to 100 with a Legendary Amulet. The more powerful Amulets in Spellbreak will be very sought after.

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All Amulet Tiers

Common +10 mana 60 total mana
Uncommon +20 mana 70 total mana
Rare +30 mana 80 total mana
Epic +40 mana 90 total mana
Legendary +50 mana 100 total mana


Belts are a bit weird in this game, as they kind of fill the role of body armor in most other RPGs. You will notice that the bulk of your armor values come from this piece of gear, making it vital for defense. Equipping one will add armor and a base stat of 120 health. The higher rarity versions have better overall stats as well.

All Belt Tiers

Common +20 max armor 120 total HP
Uncommon +40 max armor 140 total HP
Rare +60 max armor 160 total HP
Epic +80 max armor 180 total HP
Legendary +100 max armor 200 total HP


Boots are all about keeping you moving. This bit of gear will impact the speed you move at. The base movement speed in Spellbreak is quite slow. The best possible Boots add +5 speed to that base stat, making it much easier to move around the map. Get some good Boots as fast as possible if you want to survive, as being able to outspeed your enemies is a huge advantage.

All Boot Tiers

Common +1 run speed
Uncommon +2 run speed
Rare +3 run speed
Epic +4 run speed
Legendary +5 run speed
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