Where to find Figments in Psychonauts 2

What are figments in Psychonauts 2?

Figments in Psychonauts 2 are a special resource you really need to collect. Each mind has its own set of Figments, and you need to collect as many as possible. You will see them as a spectral outline floating around each level. These are very important to find, as they make later areas easier to navigate. For example, you can upgrade the jumps and levitation abilities to last longer. This makes moving across big gaps easier.

Rasputin needs these abilities in some cases, as you need to be able to make it through more difficult puzzles. At some point, you need to go hunting for Figments in Psychonauts 2. With every 100 figments you find, you’ll gain an intern credit that can be spent on a power upgrade.

There are hundreds to collect across the full length of Psychonauts 2. Players will find these scattered all throughout the different zones in the game. Collecting 100 of these will let Rasputin rank up his abilities in various different ways. So scour each level thoroughly. Given that this is a platformer at heart, expect to find some hidden in bizarre places. Try wall jumping and bounding to higher areas and against boundaries to see if you can reach hidden spots.

The appearance of the spectral Figments will also be themed around the mind you’re in, so keep that knowledge handy. You may find spooky figments in a level themed around darker tones, for example. Learn to notice the spectral outlines, and they become much easier to spot. They also tend to stand out against the backdrops, look for contrasting colors.

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Sometimes, there are Figments you can’t get right away. Usually, this means you need to grab some other upgrades and come back later. To do this, unlock the Brain Tumbler via the Collective Unconsciousness. This will open up through story progression, so just play the game. When you unlock the Brain Tumbler, be sure to replay past missions. When you do, go out and look for the outlines of Figments and collect them.

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