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Gears 5 removes split-screen modes from PC release

Gears of War 5 Map Builder and Escape Mode Details

Gears 5 comes out soon, on September 9th in fact, and PC gamers got some bad news today. It goes like this apparently, that the split-screen element of some game modes has been cut from the PC release. The site for the game currently states, “The only mode with split-screen on PC is Campaign, which supports 1-3 players.”

It’s all pretty shocking, given that the feature was hyped up during AMD’s E3 Press Conference this past year. The developers even went on to stress the idea, saying that it was “three-player split-screen, three-player co-op – and we’re supporting three-player split-screen on PC – so you’ll be able to do that as well in your own home.”

You can see this in the video below, around the 59:17 mark.

This news is pretty disappointing for some PC gamers, especially those looking forward to the new title. Apparently, cross-platform support is still in the cards, so that’s something of a good thing at least.

Gears 5‘s new “Escape” mode was a pretty big draw, especially on the console version. After all consoles are definitely the domain of “couch gaming”, or sitting on the couch with your friends playing games. PC gamers have not been well known for this, as most hardcore FPS and shooter fans often associate local play with LAN parties and the like on the PC. Given this inherent legacy and dichotomy, the removal of the gameplay feature makes more sense, but it’s still a justifiable sore spot.

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We’ve seen other gameplay modes, like the map builder, and of course the Escape multiplayer segment, so there’s still plenty of meat on these bones. PC And console gamers will be sure to have fun with the new title, it just sucks that those looking to play locally lost the option on PC for some elements.

Gears 5 will be available on September 9th on Steam. You can also start playing it right now if you have Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass for PC.

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