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BRAVE Leadership and Faulty Sign Fallacies

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A lot of people have reacted to the leak of an internal HERO management meeting.  And a lot of people are trotting out the old statement that certain well-known leaders in EVE love to use. that being “. . .given that virtually all nullsec blocs are autocracies of one flavor or another, with all others with alternative forms of leadership collapsing or proving less successful. ”

The “Faulty Sign” fallacy (also includes argument from circumstance) wrongly assumes that one event or phenomenon is a reliable indicator or predictor of another event or phenomenon.  The problem here is that people attacking BRAVE’s leadership as being flawed are assuming it will fall to the same issues as other forms of leadership.  The worry with these kinds of arguments is simple, people will misrepresent the issue. And people will be more prone to a negative interpretation of the situation.  Essentially these arguments will “poison the well” for HERO PR.

Then again, this is a common theme in EVE.  Every group goes through issues, and the theme seems to be that these will occasionally bubble to the surface.  And there is something the soundcloud leak makes apparent, that there are transparency issues in HERO.  HERO FC Travis K. raised a good point.  A lot of line members would have never known about these issues if there had not been a spy leaking the conversation.

There needs to be a push for initiative within all of the levels of the organization.

The drama for those stuck in the loop of feeling like they’re doing nothing seems to be symptomatic of the psychology of EVE from a leadership position.  Managing thousands of people for nothing more than a love of the game, or from an idealistic perspective is a thankless labour of love.  Leadership in EVE is the same as it is in real life.  It’s not just something you fall into, it’s a skill you need to have.  You can be as passionate as anyone, but if you constantly make bad decisions,  your members will lose faith in you.  And this lack of commitment will mean player burnout is going to increase.  This combination of bad decisions by some and feeding the “poisoning of the well”, is just pushing people away.

How HERO will correct these issues remains to be seen, and I genuinely hope they do, and do it soon.

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