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Konami announces Castlevania NFTs to “celebrate” franchise’s 35th anniversary

Castlevania NFTs are dumb

In “celebration” of Castlevania’s 35th anniversary, Konami will sell its first batch of NFTs, the publisher announced Thursday. The release is being called the “Konami Memorial NFT collection,” Which frankly is a very fitting name. The decisions made by Konami have killed all of their classic franchises, so why not bury them with one last bit of disrespect. Why not just let the series die, Konami?

Castlevania NFTs are quite the insult to the franchise, but it’s far from the only dumb thing this company has done in recent years. As Konami moved further away from video games, their once-proud franchises like Silent Hill and Castlevania have been left to rot. Konami intentionally teased fans by releasing a Silent Hill slot machine at one point, as if fans care about that. But given that the stock price of Square Enix surged after Square Enix’s CEO announced their support for NFTs, we can see exactly who these announcement are meant to please.

The list of NFTs ranges from are pieces for various games, to full videos. Some of these Castlevania NFTs focus on soundtracks with background gameplay as well.

The Castlevania series has been dormant since Lords of Shadow 2 was released in 2014. So for Konami to come back with this, it’s a rather bitter pill to swallow. And there’s little doubt about how fans will receive the news of Castlevania NFTs. Ubisoft and many other publishers have hopped on the crypto ponzi scheme bandwagon to try and hock their garbage, and fans are sick of it.

And yes, NFTs are a ponzi scheme. They’re an entirely worthless asset that you’re trying to market; in the hopes that some sucker will come along and give you money for it. The entire process is built around the hype and “fear of missing out”, a common psychological trick used to entice buyers. The idea is that you make it seem like the thing you’re selling can disappear at any moment, and that your mark has to buy in now to get it. And when the speculative angle enters the fray, the promise of “guaranteed returns” helps fuel this narrative.

The reality with these schemes is that they are fueled by a bubble of investment. When the interest in NFTs collapses, so does any sort of resale market. Anyone jumping into this hoping to make money might end up being left holding the bag.

And having game companies turn their beloved products into an even greater mockery of their fans, it makes one wonder how stupid they think we all are. But if you are actually stupid enough to pump money into this, check the listing using the crypto marketplace OpenSea, when the NFT auction goes live on Jan. 12 at 5 p.m. EST.

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