Null Sec Alliance Drama

BREAKING: The Unthinkables Disbanding; Corps Joining THOR/DARK/BL.


We just received notice that The Unthinkables alliance is disbanding. At least 4 corporations have already been accepted into Black Legion. and all other corporations are likely to find new homes in DARKNESS. and The Kadashi.

What led to the disbanding of The Unthinkables is the return of Space Chutney. Space Chutney wasn’t only returning to the game but also to his old position of CEO and Head FC. Space Chutney decided that it would be best to lead his alliance into the depths of the Drone Regions. All INK members got excited because they remembered the good old times. Phoebe was about to become reality, which would make it harder for alliances to deploy, so Space Chutney ordered everybody to start moving prior to the patch’s deployment.

Patch day arrived and most members spent their time playing other games or talking to one another on TS or IRC. Space Chutney connected to IRC and wrote a message in the Leadership channel saying that he is going AFK again for a long time, o7’d and disappeared.

This message left Unthinkables in chaos, with pretty much everybody pissed off that their dream of the good old days was shattered. FCs such as Varc Greyback left INK for greener pastures and shortly thereafter, others followed. Corporations mainly contacted The Kadeshi because they were longstanding allies.
In an attempt to save INK, a new leader stepped up named Master Kent. His first decision was to start mass pinging INK that The Kadeshi was dying, and they were likely to merge with DARKNESS. This is not true, and corporations knew that so it had almost no affect on INK. This action made CEOs even more pissed off and so its expected that INK, circling the drain, will finally sink into history.
Ltd SpacePig, a member of The Kadeshi leadership team, had to say the following when we asked him about the situation:

Ltd SpacePig [THOR]: INK is in trouble yeah.. we have had corps contacting us yeah

Unfortunately he couldn’t go into any more details with us. Multiple other important players from different alliances confirmed the above story with me but wanted to remain anonymous.

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