How to sustain three addictions at once in BitLife

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To be able to complete the Addicted Achievement in BitLife, you need to do a lot of something. And that something is recklessly developing addictions. You need to get three of them and keep them up for this achievement. The game has many different weird achievements like this. The one thing you need to do is not break your addiction, even if you relapse, the achievement won’t count if you don’t keep the addiction up the entire time. Here are the steps you need to finish to complete the Addicted Achievement.

How to develop an addiction in BitLife

One thing you really want to do is have a good amount of cash on-hand. You will likely want a few million to handle all the gambling you need to do. Get a good job or a good way of making money. The method you use is up to you, or you could just try to become a famous actor. You can easily make millions taking this route. Once that’s done, you’re ready to get going on the addicting behavior.

Start by hitting up the Casino option in the Activities menu. Once you’re in there, just bet on Blackjack a bunch until you get the random addiction event. In between trying to get addicted to gambling, you will also want to head out and get drunk, a lot.

There are many different ways to get this done. The type of addiction your character gets will vary depending on the activity you choose. You can go party via the Nightlife option in the Activities menu. Sometimes when you do this you will be offered alcohol. Do this enough, you will sometimes become an alcoholic. You could use a few other options, like partying with your friends in the Relationship menu, and this could also trigger that event. A third option offers the potential to get into gambling, via the Casino. Open up the Activities menu and choose either the Casino or Nightlife options. Just keep hitting up these options, as well as going out with your friends.

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The Casino and Nightlife options will give you two addictions that you need out of the three. The third is a bit harder, as most people will decide to get addicted to retail therapy. Go to the Go Shopping button in the Assets tab, and keep buying stuff. There’s a small chance that the game will trigger a shopping addiction event when you do this enough.

Some others might try to get their hands on another illicit substance addiction, but that’s very random with the Nightlife option. You can potentially get offered drugs during this process, but it’s not guaranteed. That way, most people will opt for the retail option.

And that’s it, that’s how you finish the Addicted Achievement in BitLife.

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