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Radeon Boost coming with AMD Adrenalin 2020 Edition

AMD Radeon Adrenalin Drivers

The Andrenalin driver line from AMD has significantly improved the usability and features of the red team’s GPUs these last few months. By bundling together video options, full software customization and even clean updates into one package, there’s a ton of time that the setup has saved for PC gamers. And that’s without even mentioning the breadth of the features involved.

AMD has consistently evolved the features contained with this software suite to include things like Chill, a fan control software, and a variety of other options. And although the features have been shuffled around, the core package has no doubt been successful in helping push AMD’s brand. The Adrenalin setup has worked will so far, but the company wants to innovate. And the tech giant has also made it a consistent strategic decision to acquire cometing and related products in order to improve their own offerings.

In this case, it looks like a competing product may get a rebirth of sorts in 2020 with a new suite of AMD driver products that have a new feature integrated. And now, it looks like there’s a new segment coming called Radeon Boost. It looks like there’s a few different rumors flying around as to what Radeon Boost actually is, so let’s dive in. Thanks to Reddit and Blaze on twitter, and Videocardz for pointing out exactly what’s going on here.

According to one rumor, Radeon Boost is actually a reincarnation of an older offering by HiAlgo, called HiAlgo boost. Based on what we know of this older tech, it was designed as a means for games to alter resolution on the fly, offering better performance by optimizing delivery of textures and assets that could be scaled with the dynamic resolution. AMD acquired HiAlgo and their software products back in 2016, so it’s possible 2020 could see a resurgence of the idea. The aforementioned Radeon Chill was also previously a HiAlgo product, just for context.

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The other rumor as to what Radeon Boost is concerns Sapphire. Sapphire had a similar option through their Trixx brand and Trixx software with Trixx Boost. Trixx Boost was a simpler technique, relying instead on image post-processing to smooth out the final scene after resolution was scaled.

Radeon Boost could use their Radeon Image Sharpening coupled with Resolution Scaling to deliver a scene that scales the resolution of assets to keep a smooth image. There is one major hiccup though. RIS support is somewhat limited to newer GPU ranges, locking out the potential for a one-click solution to offer dynamic resolution in games. It’s possible AMD could combine these two ideas into a single option, we will have to wait and see.

So whatever Radeon Boost is, it will be interesting to see what the red team does with it.

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