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New World server transfers delayed to next week

New World

The launch of Amazon’s MMO effort, New World, has been having a very bumpy ride. A big part of the problem with all this hype has been server capacity. With hundreds of thousands of users jumping in, things are pretty chaotic. The issues have been getting better thanks to patches, but players want to move around to new servers. Maybe they want to play with their friends, or they just want to get on a lower population world. New World server transfers were announced a few weeks ago after the game launched to deal with capacity issues. They have now been delayed.

The game’s servers have been struggling with the load, and these transfers are desperately needed. Gamers feel the burden, and having to wait even longer is some bad news.

The announcement was shared on the New World forums, where the development team has announced that the planned launch of the feature has been pushed back. The date for enabling transfers has not been revealed, but is due sometime next week. Players expect around October 23 by the latest. New World’s weekly maintenance happens Tuesday morning, so it could take until the end of the month. But that’s not the only concern that fans have.

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There are also other questions that linger around the game. Amazon Games Studios has yet to clarify if these server transfers are restricted. Some folks expected the New World server transfers to be more open in terms of choice. It had previously been announced that this was not the case, and transfers would be locked to the same region. We haven’t see any indication that this would change before launch, but we will let you know.

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