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Steam Flash Sales will return, with future sales


For those of you that aren’t aware, Steam sales used to be very different. There was this pesky little concept called “Flash Sales” that meant games would have limited time discounts that were much better deals. The problem is that the system encouraged constant refreshes of the games lists every few hours in order to get the best deals. It was a somewhat annoying system because it meant that it often wasn’t worth buying games unless they were on Flash Sales.

Valve changed the policy after 2016, ending Flash Sales entirely. This now meant that the price listed for a game at the beginning of the sale wasn’t going to change in a few hours. So you could buy games at any point and get the same deal.

Now, Valve may be changing the system yet again. According to reports, Valve is implementing a system that will allow developers to choose the length of their “Flash” discount. Devs would be able to choose whether it lasts 6, 8, 10 or 12 hours,This comes from the popular YouTube channel Valve News Network. The report cites information from the Valve-backed Steam Translation Server, which volunteers use to translate Steam text into other languages.

While I personally much prefer the current system of fixed discounts, there should be a good reason behind this if the way things are is to change. Maybe Flash Sales saw better revenue for developers, prompting a change.  We’ll just have to wait and see if these reports turn out to be true.

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