How to Get a Gold Slime in Slime Rancher


Slime Rancher is a terribly adorable little game with the cutest little balls of slime I’ve ever seen. There are multiple types of Slimes you can raise in this game. Crystal Slimes are one of many basic types that you find early in the game. Their Plorts can be used in various slime crafting recipes. To build your ranch though, you need cash. There are many different items you can sell to make money, some are better than others. One option is the Wild Honey you can get from some slimes. The focus of this guide is the unique variant, the Gold Slime.

Gold slimes produce no direct risks to a rancher, but can be very hard to get. Keep reading to learn how to find them, and what they can do for you. Gold Plorts have little practical use, but are incredibly valuable. Getting tons of gold is easy once you have a steady supply of Gold Plorts.

How to Get a Gold Slime in Slime Rancher

Gold Slimes produce a sparkle sound effect, making them a bit easier to locate out in the wild. The most common way to find them is to break open a crate. When you break open a Crate, there’s a very small chance for a Gold Slime to spawn. The chance is small but not impossible. It’s worth noting that you can’t store them in your vacuum. To grab them you need to trigger the vacuum and keep them suspended within it as you run back to the ranch.

The biggest problem with this is that they constantly run away when the player gets too close. You need to be quick and grab them from as far away as you can when you spot them. Listen for the twinkle effect to help hear them before they run.

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Gold Slime in Slime Rancher cannot be consumed by Tarr, but they can still be lost. The major issue is that they can despawn very easily. You need a Slime Stage to keep them from running away. They can be placed on a Slime Stage and will not despawn as long as they remain on it, but will do so when agitated. Make sure to keep them happy and fed to prevent this. They will escape a normal pen, so you need to build them something special.

The Slime Stage, referred to in-game as the #1 Slime Stage, is a player-created Curio you need to build in the Lab. Buy the blueprint for it from the lab to begin, for 3,500 Gold. Here are the items you need to get to build the stage:

  • 8x Pink Plort
  • 8x Indigonium
  • 8x Spiral Steam
  • 1x Royal Jelly

Once you’ve constructed the Slime Stage, place it on your ranch to grab and keep the Slime.

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