How to get Crystal Slimes in Slime Rancher

Where to find Crystal Slimes in Sime Rancher

Crystal Slimes in Slime Rancher are one of the rarer and harder to deal with Slimes in the game. Crystal slimes are dangerous variants in the game that not only cause Tarrs to spawn, but can leave behind some annoying things as well. The Slimes of this species are kind of annoying to capture and harvest Plorts from, mostly because of the trails they leave behind. Here’s where you can find them and what you can do to make handling them easier.

How to get Crystal Slimes in Slime Rancher

In the later areas of the game, you will often find a couple of these Slimes around various areas. These will often lead to Tarr spawns, so be very careful. SInce Tarrs spawn when slimes consume other Crystals, any mixed groups of Slimes are a prime spawning ground for these monsters. You need to be careful and avoid the Tarrs if you can.

A great place deeper into the map is the Crystal Volcano, as this has tons of them. These slimes will spawn in Crystal Volcano and on Ash Isle. These are all part of The Indigo Quarry which’s a later area of the game full of rare slimes. When you get into the area and find that first pond, there’s a small hole in the rockface you can head through to find more slimes.

When you’re raising them, you need to watch out for their after-effects.  Crystal Slimes in Slime Rancher love to leave these annoying crystal trails around them as they move around. As they trek across the land, they can hurt you and get in your way. To counter these though, it’s actually very simple. You need to have the water cannon and spray some water around them to stop the trail from spreading. When Crystal Slimes are surrounded by water, they won’t spawn more growths, even when agitated.

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Another method is to buy the music box upgrade. This handy little item lets you soothe agitated slimes, For 350 newbucks, you can add this item to your slime corrals to get them a bit calmer. That will allow you to harvest drops from them much easier.

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