How to get a Drill in Core Keeper

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Core Keeper is a sandbox survival game that has a rather cute style, and tons of fun buried underneath the adorable exterior. The dark and dangerous biomes you’re about to explore offer tons of fun, if you can survive. That’s not a guarantee, as the cutesy environs hide tons of danger. Murderous slimes and other beasts are just the beginning. You even need to wrangle with wild NPCs and other threats. But dealing with these threats doesn’t have to be that hard. You can equip yourself with some quite powerful gear to help survive.

There are certain items that are actually incredibly useful for players. One of the most vital items players will use in Core Keeper is the Drill. The Core Keeper drill is used for the automated mining of ore, making this process so much easier to handle. When you explore the underground environs you’re going to find some really cool stuff. One of the more important items is this, which makes the most annoying part of the game more manageable.

How to get a Drill in Core Keeper

This automated mining tool requires a bit of work to unlock. Here are the steps you need to complete:

  • Defeat first three bosses
  • Touch the Great Wall
  • Find the Azeos Wilderness biome
  • Mine scarlet ore

The first part of this is actually pretty hard for new players. After you’ve defeated Glurch, Ghorma, and the Hive Mother and placed their gems into their statues, you’re ready to continue. You will need to gather the items and place them in, then make your way to the Great Wall.

Starting the Core will remove the barrier around Azeos’ Wilderness and open up your ability to get to the next step. Once you touch the wall and it vanishes, speak to the Core again and it will tell you which direction to travel to find the new Azeos Wilderness biome. This is also how you have to find the Chipped Blade.

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Once the Azeos’ Wilderness is unlocked, venture into the area and collect Scarlet and Iron ore. That will allow you to unlock the more useful benches for crafting. Once you’ve gotten to this point, you need to find rare Scarlet Ore in this same biome. This will allow you to craft the best possible workbench, the Scarlet Workbench.

How to craft a drill

Then, you’ll need to craft the following workbenches:

  • Scarlet workbench: tin bar x10, iron bar x15, scarlet bar x25
  • Electronics table: wood x8, copper bar x8, iron bar x8
  • Automation Table: mechanical part x5, iron bar x8, scarlet bar x8

Using those workbenches, craft the following items:

  • Drill: iron bar x10, scarlet bar x10
  • Electricity Generator: copper bar x10, iron bar x5, gold bar x1
  • Electrical wire: copper bar x1
  • Robot arm: iron bar x5, scarlet bar x5
  • Conveyor belt: iron bar x1, scarlet bar x1

As you’re exploring you might find giant boulders around the map. These large rocks are set on the map, and are a great source of ore, once you can mine them. You need the Drill to do this. To use the Drill, you need to go to the boulder and place the Drill around it by pressing E while the Drill is selected. You can fit a total of eight drills around a single boulder, two on each side.

Place the electricity generator somewhere nearby, and that will power the drills. You can then use conveyor belts to move the ore to a chest or smelter. Conveyor belts do not require power, so that makes this easier.

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