Where to find the Splash Plate in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

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There are many different hidden and key items you need throughout the Pokémon games. The key item hunt is one of the more laborious parts of these games, and it’s probably the one that most confuses new players. Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl continue this trend with various items you need to find to get hidden items. in some cases, you trade these items for TMs or strong Pokémon, other times you need to them to get past some block.

Each town you visit has various puzzles to solve, and that includes the starting zone. If you like Water-type Pokémon you might want to find ways to get more powerful moves. The Splash Plate in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl make this type of moves much stronger. Here’s how to get it.

Where to find the Splash Plate in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

The Splash Plate can be found near the start of the game. You’ll find the Splash Plate south of Sandgem Town on Route 220. You won’t be able to get this at the start of the game though, as you need the Surf HM in your party to reach it.

Head out into the water, past the kids that block your path, and towards the left side of the route. There will be two female swimmers with headbands that mark you’re heading the right way. Swim south past them and look for the small sandy outcropping. It’s nestled between a few rock cliffs, and is a pretty distinct shape. It’s straight south of the two swimmers. Search around the sand bar with the A button to find the Splash Plate.

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You can also find an Ether on the other side of this island to the north. There’s another small sandy patch to search between the rocks. Also, if you want to get some Tentacool and Wingull, you can get them out in the water.

There are also some useful ways to get powerful healing items, like the Lava Cookie. You might also want to figure out how to find Ditto as well. If you’re hunting for Evolutions, there’s tons of items you need to grab to finish the BDSP Pokédex. There’s the Electrizer to evolve some Electric types. There’s the Magmarizer to get Magmar as well. The game also has a ton of items and hidden stuff to find.

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