Can you takeover Mulholland in GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition

GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition

The classic crime-action franchise, Grand Theft Auto, is getting a major re-release this week. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – Definitive Edition will be a full remaster of the classic game. Live out the lives of Carl Johnson and the rest of the Grove St. crew. And yes, CJ and co. can take over the streets of Los Santos. Things get pretty heated during gang wars, but there are still some burning questions. There are still players wondering if you can takeover Mulholland in GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition.

Can you takeover Mulholland in GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition?

The region of Mulholland in GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition is just as glamorous as it was in the base game. But for gang takeovers, it’s still not part of the system of territories. There are reasons to visit here, like the burglary side missions, though.

So no, you cannot takeover Mulholland in GTA San Andreas. This is because it is not initially controlled by any gang, and thus the GSF cannot control it. CJ will visit the location throughout the game and take on missions there. Mad Dogg’s mansion is an iconic location you can get to throughout the story.

The Green Sabre, a late-game story mission, does have some relevance here. After the Grove Street Families and Ballas gang members shoot it out at the end of the mission, the game’s map layout changes. The bridges connecting Red County and Flint County have finally reopened, opening new areas. Also, CJ can choose to reclaim the intersection leading to Mulholland for the GSF, but the Ballas control the city from this point on.

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Also, Mulholland in GTA San Andreas is the site of the most expensive safehouse in the game. The Mulholland Safehouse costs $120,000, and is the nicest safehouse in the game. you can buy it once you have access to the region, and the cash to afford it.

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