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Path of Exile introduces new Zenith microtransactions, teases upcoming Legion changes

Path of Exile Legion

As is quickly becoming routine, but in a good way, for Path of Exile fans, Grinding Gear Games has introduced another new suite of cosmetic microtransactions for players to customize their look with. The two new additions follow the wispy Illusionist set and are part of the new Zenith set. In contrast to the Illusionist set, Zenith is much more dark and foreboding, trading in soft glowing hues for metallic sheens and layers of armour.

There’s the Zenith Shield which changes the standard appearance of any shield your character wields to a metallic shield, adorned with white plates. There’s also the Zenith Weapon, which changes melee weapons into a pearly greatsword complete with an intricate hilt. This can be applied to any equipped sword, axe, mace or staff. Check both new MTX effects out in the preview videos down below.

And not content with just offering some spiffy new threads for POE players to ogle over, Grinding Gear Games has also released their plans for the next phase of development within Legion League.

As GGG continues to adjust and refine the development of Legion, there’s been a number of issues that players have encountered, many of which the developer is actively working on.

In terms of gameplay, Legion encounters are being tweaked a bit to make them easier to comprehend, which is a great change given the absurd amount of visual feedback on the screen during these encounters. There’s also some complaints about skill effects not applying properly, and the team is working on a fix. Various crash problems are also on the docket to get patched in future updates to Legion.

On the technical side, Grinding Gear Games are working to resolve a number of server issues affecting the experience for many users. Chief among complaints about performance this patch are consistent issues with the trade API and a sustained spike in unexpected disconnections. The company has identified the underlying issues with servers handling traffic on their end and is working towards resolving the problem.

Path of Exile recently launched it’s new Legion expansion with the 3.7 patch, and it’s a really fun bit of new content. If you need help in your battle against the five legions, check out our beginner’s guide to POE Legion. If you’re just getting into the new expansion, why not take a look at some of our build guides, or maybe our condensed list of starter builds for 3.7.

Source: POE Site

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