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A recent rumor of BRAVE returning to Null has been confirmed.  Lychton and June Ting announced the plan to temporarily set the Imperium to positive standings to allow line members to carry on unimpeded.  This was later confirmed via both a leak from LAWN, and jabber ping from Imperium head Mittani. Below, readers will find a corp mail announcing the change, as well as a date and time for a coming HERO state of the coalition address.

In preparation for tomorrow’s SotC announcement, we are for a finite length of time mutually setting +1.1 standings with the Imperium (formerly known as the CFC) at 1900 server (20 min ago). Standings fuckery might happen due to propagation, not everyone setting at the same moment. Report to diplos if you’re getting shot, and don’t shoot them after 1900 even if you don’t see them light blue yet.


Via Reddit:


You are cordially invited to the BRAVE mumble, coalition addresses channel this Friday at 2100 UTC for a discussion of HERO’s plans for the coming days, weeks, and months.

Followup Q&A session to be held via text in #hero on SOUND IRC ( to join, or use your favorite IRC client)

Edit: that leaked fast. Yes, we’re moving into Fountain. Had the choice of spending weeks grinding the region and bridging in ihubs/upgrades or a peaceful transfer, and picked the one that was least likely to burn out the people that already worked hard to get your stuff out of Catch. More details tomorrow :)

The context of this agreement is not yet known to the wider universe. It would seem that after BRAVE snubbed a deal to take over Delve prior to Phoebe from CFC/Imperium, that this new deal may be the reincarnation. With Imperium pulling out of Cloud Ring and Fountain, this leaves vast swathes of space open for HERO to take. They will of course have to compete with not only those who wish to hold the space post Fozziesov, but also the already stiff competition for R64s in the region. Fountain is very desirable space and HERO will be hard pressed to defend holdings there.

There will also be the inevitable return of the more stable entities that farm HERO/BRAVE. Once PL finishes fighting Nulli and the other remains of N3, they will likely return to “vacationing” with HERO. Although discontent among some PL members has shown that this trend may not continue. The proximity of NPC null also gives plenty of groups like Mordu’s Angels and Fountain Core a staging point to harass HERO with relative impunity.

It seems like it will be more of the issues BRAVE/HERO have always had with being farmed.  Only now that HERO will be in much more valuable space, they can expect holding SOV to be pretty dicey, especially come “Fozzisov”.

There are many times more R64s in Fountain than in Catch, so there’s that competition.  System and station numbers between the two regions are similar.  Now combine all that with the difference in raw size in terms of light years between the two.  You could jump from HED-GP to RNF-YH in one jump.  In Fountain, that same 5 lightyears will barely get you from one constellation to the next (Using the 2 LAWN-held constellations as the metric there).  So the JBs and logistics may be an issue depending on how much of Fountain they plan to make use of. In other words, don’t expect to see HERO taking more than a small-ish piece of Fountain and then focusing on holding R64s, at least for now.

Realistically, it seems like a good start with the LAWN constellations and the pipe from there to Delve.  So from PB-0C1 to Y-2ANO, along with the Satyr constellation may be the core of HERO sov for a time.

As far as where in Fountain HERO will stage, it has apparently also been revealed that LAWN will be handing their holdings off to BRAVE. this means that two constellations in Fountain will be the core of HERO holdings for now. Although it is likely as the last alliances move out of Catch, that more will join them.  Likely leading to FA or BLAST transferring SOV to them, or HERO grinding it themselves.  Although this point remains speculation at this time.

Jabber ping from LAWN confirming transfer:

[email protected]/ping:
Our apologies for the way the news was broken, it was accelerated by events outwith our control. To clarify, we will all have to evac our assets out of fountain. We will be transferring sov over to HERO. Once we transfer sov we will remain blue for a short period.
The rental agreements with PBLRD are dead, you are free to enter the Vale.
Move ops will be running over the weekend, pos’ will be setup. More details to follow. Watch for pings, and be careful moving stuff with f-core around.

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