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Darksiders III showcases Fury’s forms in new trailer

Darksiders 3

THQ Nordic and Gunfire Games have release yet another trailer for their upcoming action title, Darksiders III. In this newest gameplay snippet, we see one of the many badass forms protagonist Fury can take on. In this case, it’s the Force Hollow, another form of Fury’s trusty weapon Scorn.

The Force Hollow, much like other forms such as the Fire Hollow, allows Fury to chain together specific attacks that are catered to a particular challenge or enemy type. The Force Hollow is all about Area of Effect damage that pulls enemies in and smashes them to bits. Darksiders III will place many enemies in the path of Fury, and it will take careful and strategic use of Fury’s different combat forms to overcome these problems.

Gunfire Games released the following description for this particular form of Fury:

The Force Hollow allows Fury the collection and precise focusing of energy into concentrated attacks. With Scorn taking on the appearance of a giant hammer, Fury can shatter her enemy’s defenses and inflict severe damage. Scorn can also act as a focal point for magnetic attraction–allowing Fury to draw in energy, rubble, and even enemies, before releasing it all in a single explosive burst. With great effort, Fury can even maintain this magnetic sphere to traverse walls and ceilings.

Check out more about the game if you want, there’s the Gamescom 2018 trailer, as well as the original announcement trailer.

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Darksiders III is slated to release next month on November 27 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Check out the Force Hollow trailer for the game down below.

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