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Sea of Thieves is patching broken ship spawns

Sea of Thieves

Rare is working to fix a few issues in the popular pirate-them-up Sea of Thieves. Their last few changes didn’t go over too well with players. The previous patch was set to include Gold taxes on death, that was scrapped, but the changes in that patch did lock some players out of the game completely.

The developer is fixing those instance crash issues as well as some other glitches. But the big fix this time around revolves around ship respawns. Many players complained that Sea of Thieves often placed ships too close together on respawn and caused problems during PvP. The previous spawn systems was also a godsend for griefers. As of the patch, ships will no longer spawn within viewing distance of whoever sunk them, allowing crews of the sunken ship to get their bearings again and the victories fleets to plunder worry-free.

Another issue being addressed this patch revolves around the mermaid teleport. Prior to these changes players could still use the teleport while holding treasure. With the 1.0.2 patch, players must drop any loot they’re carrying before the mermaid will send them back to their ship.

To round it out, there were a few other bugs and performance issues the patch addressed. For instance, some PC errors and a bug where the game would get stuck at 99% installation have been resolved. Captain rank now displays on the voyage image on the captain’s table, as well. Some client crashes when joining a new party have also been fixed.

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A full, detailed list of the fixes and current known issues can be found on the forum post.

Sea of Thieves is now available for PC and Xbox One. Speaking of the Xbox One, Sea of Thieves is now one of the fastest-selling titles on the console. So Rare and Microsoft have that to be proud of.

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