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Endless Space 2 And Endless Legend DLC Out Now; Endless Space 1 Is Free


If you don’t remember the Endless Space games, and you’re a fan of space-based strategy titles, we’ve got a treat for you. Amplitude Studios produced the series of titles as a continuation of their Endless Legends line of games. These two titles placed the player in control of the fates of a particular fantasy or sci-fi race, one bent on controlling the galaxy.

Now why do we bring this all up? Because Amplitude just recently released DLC for two of their games, and also kicked off a major sale for many of their games and the horde of DLC they have produced. There’s free and heavily discounted games all over the place. One of particular interest is that Amplitude has teamed up with Games2Gether to offer the first Endless Space, completely free. All you need to do is head over to the Games2Gether website, link your Steam account, and the game will be yours for good.

Check out the gameplay trailer for Endless Space 2: Penumbra down below. Endless Legend: Symbiosis, the final expansion to the game, also got a trailer.

What do these DLC do you ask? In terms of new content, both DLC do have something in common. They introduce new races that can only have one settlement. These minor factions are meant to challenge seasoned players by severely limiting their access to resources and map control. After all, you can’t utilize chokepoints or natural barriers if your empire doesn’t have any within their borders.

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Endless Legend: Symbiosis adds the Mykara, a plantoid species that strips conquered space of all non-plant life by absorbing it into their biology. A great consumer, this race seeks to transform hostile and neutral races into something new. hey serve only one purpose, bringing balance back to Auriga.

Endless Space 2: Penumbra includes the mysterious Umbral Choir. Though these once peaceful enigmatic observers are technically restricted to owning a single system, they can still expand. This is done by constructing sanctuaries within the space of neutral and enemy factions. These structures are hidden from other players and AI by default, and allow subversive attacks and espionage against those that would threaten the Choir. The stealth-focused game played by someone controlling this faction is a pretty far cry from the typical ever-expanding empire playstyle that governs other races. If that sounds appealing, Endless Space 2: Penumbra might be for you.

Both DLC packs are currently 10% off as well, so now is the best time to grab them.

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