How to Beat Rubber Band in Paper Mario The Origami King

How to Beat Rubber Band in Paper Mario The Origami King

The Rubber Band Boss in Paper Mario The Origami King is one of the tougher bosses in the game. Alongside the Colored Pencils boss, there are plenty of strange and challenging bosses to fight in this game. But with the Rubber Band boss, things are going to be stretched to their limit. Since it is part of the Legion of Stationary bosses, it’s not going to be easy, but here are some tips. Here’s how to tackle this boss in the game.

You will encounter the Rubber Band Boss in Shogun Studios, and it will likely be the toughest fight in the game up to this point. Their attacks hit very hard and the boss fight has multiple phases with some really absurd nonsense in-between. Part of getting this phase over with quickly involves getting into a position to hit the big green ON Switch. You will want to watch the Magic Circle symbols while setting this up, as the closer it is to the boss, the more damage it does. Keep in mind that Regular, Shiny, and other items have no impact on the boss. Only use Mushrooms to heal as other items won’t help here.

Rubber Band Boss – Phase One

Phase One of this fight is actually pretty long, as it’s the bulk of the fight. You will see that the board for this fight has Rubber Bands all over the place. Look at the symbol on the spaces. If the point is towards Rubber Band, then you will move towards him, while symbols pointing toward the audience will send Mario back once space.

You can also use the rubber bands on the board space to jump forward or backward on the board. Be careful though, as doubling back on your move and landing on another rubber band will cause Mario to be stunned for a turn.

The Rubber Band Boss has two primary attacks in phase one. The basic attack does about 15 damage and involves the boss rearing back before snapping a band at Mario. The one you have to Guard against is the “Rubber Bind.” This attack has two elements that try to entrap Mario. There will be three waves of this attack, so try to guard each of the phases at all costs, or you will lose your turn.

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Now just repeat that process until you start to whittle down the boss’s health. You will eventually see a magical ON Switch start to glow on the board. Just like the Colored Pencils boss, this is the space for triggering the 1,000 Folded Arms attack. Keep mobile and make your way to that switch to begin the final section of the fight.

Rubber Band Boss – Phase Two

Phase two of the Rubber Band Boss begins once the boss hits around 25% health. The attack pattern switches over to a new attack called the Solo Snapback. It’s something you have to block as it can basically take you down in one hit. The board will clear of rubber bands after the attack though, freeing up your movement a bit. From there, you want to head to the ON Switch and enter the final phase of the fight. This will trigger the 1,000 Folded Arms attack that can finish the boss.

When using the 1,000 Folded Arms attack Mario will try to grab and slam the boss, but there’s a trick to this phase. You need to wait for it to pause its movement for a second or two as it bounces between sides of the arena. If you time it right, you should be able to grab it just before it launches a counterattack and deal huge damage. Finish up the 1,000 Folded Arms attack and you will have slain the second Legion of Stationary boss in Paper Mario: The Origami King.

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