How to level Tailoring in Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid

The zombie sim, Project Zomboid might seem like a simple isometric adventure, I promise it’s much more than just a basic zombie game. Players must explore a randomized map dodging and fighting back zombie hordes, all while fighting for survival. The game has both single-player and multiplayer modes, and the building and survival aspects are core to both. You can explore around and find many items that help you survive, including some basic necessities.

And as you adventure around, you’re going to need clothes. Unfortunately, the game often loves to rip those clothes to shreds. And sometimes, you will want to repair them. Lucky for you that there’s an easy way to repair clothes in Project Zomboid. And that means you need to use a certain skill, in this case the useful skill is Tailoring in Project Zomboid.

There are a couple of things you need to get your hands on to do this. In order to repair your clothes in Project Zomboid, or to do any other tailoring. The range of options for crafting is much greater than just simple repairs. You can patch both holes in clothing and add padding by right-clicking the item in question. The padding can help reduce incoming damage or to help reduce the odds of being bitten. You just need the right kind of materials.

How to level Tailoring in Project Zomboid

The first thing you need to do is to understand that you need some items for the jobs you plan to do. The items you need to get your hands on to practice the craft. At a bare minimum, you need Thread and Needles. Sometimes you can find Sewing Kits that have all the items you need in them, although these are a bit rare. Look below for the places to look to find these items.

  • Medicine Cabinets  Needles
  • Sheds – Thread
  • Stores – Thread
  • Vehicles – Thread
  • Residential Homes – Sewing Kits
  • Cabinets – Sewing Kits
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Then comes the process of leveling up and unlocking new skills. To actually level things up, you need to learn the skills. There are 10 levels overall of Tailoring in Project Zomboid. Each level unlocks certain crafting recipes, and you need to gain XP to increase levels. You can disassemble clothes and patch them to earn XP, but there’s a faster way. There are a few options to get a quick few levels

VHS Tapes are super helpful for this, as are books. Schools, Bookstores and Libraries often have books. It’s a great way to get skill levels in all the different skills. There are five books for the levels of Tailoring, with each book conferring a few skill levels. Reading takes time, so be sure to be safe before you start perusing. The last thing you want is to get bitten while you’re engrossed in a book. VHS Tapes are far faster though, so try and find those. There are VHS stores around the map that have these tapes. You may also find them as rare drops from bookshelves and cabinets in residential homes.

The problem is that you need power to be able to watch them. So that means fueling and running generators, which adds a lot of work.

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