How to Deal with Wasps in Animal Crossing New Horizons

How to Deal with Wasps in Animal Crossing New Horizons

A swarm of wasps is always a bad time. Players of ACNH will know this full well, as will anyone who has encountered these angry winged demons in real life. But when it comes to wasps in Animal Crossing New Horizons, at least you can avoid them. Anytime you hit a tree with an axe or shake it, there’s a chance of a few things happening. Aside from the fruit falling out, or the wood drops, a Wasp Nest can spawn. This can happen twice per in-game day. These stings can be pretty annoying, and you’d do your best to avoid them at all costs.

If you get stung twice, you will get knocked out. It’s a little more forgiving than the Tarantula bites, but still very annoying. To avoid having this happen, you should always carry Medicine on you. It can be bought for 400 Bells from Nook’s Cranny, or made at a crafting bench. You need to use 1 Wasp Nest and 3 Clump of Weeds to make one Medicine.

How to Deal with Wasps in Animal Crossing New Horizons

To avoid using up Bells and resources, here are some tips for dealing with them. There are a couple of methods you can use to get rid of them. One is quick and easy, if you set your island up right. The other requires much better reflexes, but can get you a nice amount of Bells from selling Wasps.

Catch Them, Quick!

You need to be fast if you want to catch a Wasp swarm that’s charging you. If you’re not fast enough you will get stung. The Wasp swarm will chase you anywhere outside, so you need to have a Net to deal with them. Equip your net beforehand if you can. If it’s not ready, be sure to set it as a hotkey and swap to it when you see the nest fall out of the tree.

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Position your character directly in front of the tree before shaking it. This way, when you do shake it, the wasp will be right in front of you as well. When you see the Wasp Nest fall, just spam the A button. Hopefully, you should time it right and catch the Wasp.

Run Inside

Anytime you enter a new building the Wasps won’t chase you anymore. If the layout of your island allows it, run to your Museum. This open door can be entered without having to wait on the door opening animation. Some players also find it hard to time the A press to open the door normally, making the Museum much faster to enter.

This obviously isn’t an option on Mystery Islands or anywhere you can’t run inside, so it’s a great idea to always carry a Net. With these tips you should have no problem controlling Wasps in ACNH.

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