How to Get Team Captain Tokens in Madden 22

How to Edit Your Avatar in Madden 22

Madden 22 is the next evolution of the franchise, and it really shows it. With the returning and revamped gameplay modes, there are a lot of new and different things this year. There’s so much to this game this year, that it’s a lot to learn. New and old players alike have a lot more depth to get used to. As usual for modern sports games, certain game modes get the most attention. Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) is the banner mode for most players. By borrowing the card-based and online play systems of FIFA games, EA has struck gold with MUT.

Players’ customization options have expanded a ton, for one thing. Take The Yard, you could make your own character, but they were locked to that mode last year. Madden 22 aims to change that. The Avatar in Madden 22 will apply across many more gameplay modes. Speaking of gameplay modes, you have a lot to learn about how to upgrade your teams. There’s a lot of depth for the MUT system, mostly relating to improving your roster over time. One of the key elements here is Team Captain Tokens in Madden 22. Keep reading to learn what these are, and how to put them to use.

How to Get Team Captain Tokens in Madden 22

In order to earn Team Captain Tokens in Madden NFL 22, you need to win 10 games in certain game modes with the Team captain in your squad. That sounds like a lot of work, but it can go pretty quick with a good squad. But that’s going to take time, you will have to build up your team’s talent, that means spending Tokens.

You first need to unlock your Captain though, which involves going through the tiers of challenges in the MUT campaign, including Preseason and the following weeks. Each week includes a bunch of challenges you need to finish, with Week 3 being the pivotal one. You will get hit with four challenges to take on, each revolving around the proper use of the Team Captain and related in-game mechanics. After you’ve acquired the player you want, you can spend Tokens earned from the game modes on improving the OVR of that player.

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To use Team Captain Tokens, simply head to MyTeam and in Lineups select your team captain then choose Upgrade. This will allow you to unlock new tiers of abilities and stats for your captain, and the rest of your squad.

Best Ways to Earn Team Captain Tokens

The manner in which you unlock these tokens is largely up to you and what you enjoy doing.

Thes special currencies are meant to be earned through playing the game, so you need to do that, a lot. For the best possible approach, you want to focus on the various timed challenges. The best way to earn Team Captain Tokens in Madden 22 is to complete challenges. You will need to head into the MUT menu and look for the challenges tab. Choose something you’re good at. Or if you prefer, a simpler challenge. If there’s an easy passing challenge, go for that one to get some easy rewards.

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