How to Edit Your Avatar in Madden 22

How to Edit Your Avatar in Madden 22

Madden 22 is the next evolution of the franchise, and it really shows it. With the returning and revamped gameplay modes, there are a lot of new and different things this year. Player’s customization options have expanded a ton, for one thing. Take The Yard, you could make your own character, but they were locked to that mode last year. Madden 22 aims to change that. The Avatar in Madden 22 will apply across many more gameplay modes. This should help bring more players in and help immerse them. So knowing how to alter that character would be a good thing for those that want to know. Keep reading to figure out what you need to do to get this done.

With the renewed push into franchise mode—and the PC port, there’s a lot to learn this year. We’re here with game guides for the latest Madden title to help reorient players and tone their skills for the new season. For customizing characters, there’s actually an impressive array of options.

How to Edit Your Avatar in Madden 22

To start you need to have already created your avatar. Most times, you will do the initial setup when you begin one of the relevant game modes. You can create an Avatar that you can use in both Madden NFL 22 and Madden NFL 22 Mobile. Once you’ve done that, the information you input will be linked to your account for the game, and there’s a good reason for that.

Usually, you need to hit the Touchpad or View button for the console versions. PC will allow you to enter the right menu. Once on the right menu, choose the option to edit your Avatar. The Madden Mobile setup has a bit of a different flow to the buttons you need to press. To edit your Avatar, go to the Main Menu, then click the Options button (the three line icon) next to your rank number.  You can change many different options from this menu.

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You can change skin tones, hair cuts and colors, and so much more. You even have the option to alter the physical build of your player; Balanced, Bruiser, or Agile.

So why go through all of this trouble? For the sake of immersion, many players enjoy features like this. Another one of the cool things is that you can do all of this, then carry it over to a new platform. If you decide to swap to a new version of the game on a different console, you can have your avatars carry over, among other things. The following features carry over between console/PC and mobile:

  • Avatar information
  • Avatar appearance
  • Avatar face templates
  • Inventory
  • Grind currency
  • Madden Rank progression
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