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Dead Cells: The Bad Seed expansion announced

Dead Cells: The Bad Seed

Developer Motion Twin made a very good indie game with the fusion of rogue-like and metroidvania mechanics that is Dead Cells. The original game was a lovingly crafted journey through dark dungeons, dank hallways and all manner of terrifically beautiful vistas. But what really got player’s blood pumping was the fast-paced action built into the solid core mechanics. It was all wrapped in a package just challenging enough to feel rewarding, and not in the EA kind of rewarding either.

And now the excellent game is getting even better, as the developer has revealed a new DLC pack, Dead Cells: The Bad SeedThe Bad Seed will cost $4.99 USD, and actually offers a fairly substantial amount of content for the low ticket price. In the announcement for The Bad Seed over on the Steam page, the team takes us through some of the changes that are coming.

For one thing, the game is about to get tougher. Dead Cells is all about a combination of repetition and overcoming difficulty. Of course the game ratchets up the difficulty as you get better. And with Dead Cells: The Bad Seed, players will face tougher enemies. Although these are meant for more experienced players as the new challenges are restricted to higher difficulty levels.

Another area being expanded is the Biomes. These themed levels will alter the enemies and puzzles you face, so each one has a unique feel. The first of the two biomes is the Arboretum, a naturally beautiful area filled with plentiful, but dangerous, flora and fauna. The second, the Swamp, is the exact opposite: it’s a dank and brutal swamp filled with decay and poison.

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And here’s the best part, it’s due out quite soon. Dead Cells: The Bad Seed is due to release sometime in Q1 2020. If you’re intrigued, you can check out a teaser trailer for Bad Seed below.

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