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GTFO sets official early access date for co-op


Ever since the game was announced back in 2017 during the Game Awards, GTFO has been getting hyped and prominent on the radars of many gamers. GTFO takes the co-op shooter experience to an insane new level. Indie studio 10 Chambers Collective, are working on a rather unique twist to the groundwork laid down by titles like Left4Dead. By blending horror and action elements, the developers are looking to craft a cooperative experience with a ton more challenge than other games in the genre.

The core idea behind the game is “work together or die together”, with a focus on being more innovative than just shooting down enemies. The PvE gameplay at the heart of GTFO will force players to cooperate, or be ripped apart by the brutal enemies. The tension created by this setup is further aided by the terrifying theme that the art style of this game evokes. Company founder Ulf Andersson says that these experiences are tuned for the “hardcore co-op gamer crowd.” For those not in the know, Ulf Andersson is one of the brothers behind the Payday series, so his pedigree of  making excellent cooperative shooters is pretty well established.

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It will be very interesting to see if the developer manages to pull this off though. One of the major ways that 10 Chambers Collective is seeking to do this with is through the Rundows system. These randomized PvE matches take the basic core concept of blasting through horrifying enemies and places it on a timer with a randomized level layout. The Rundown matches will place teams of players in a unique version of the Complex that the game normally takes place in, refreshing the overall content of each level. Objectives will be randomized each time as well.

Check it out in the trailer below.

As part of this reveal of new announcement, we know GTFO will enter Steam Early Access on December 9, 2019. Check out more of the game in the trailer below.

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