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New Star Citizen Around the Verse shows off new landscapes

Star Citizen: Around the Verse - Grotto You Waiting For?

Sandi Gardiner and Chris Roberts return for yet another Around The Verse segment for Star Citizen. This week focuses on a variety of in-development systems and some new in-game events, so let’s dig in.

One of the big new announcements concerns ongoing work on planetary ecosystems within Star Citizen. There’s a tiny preview of some of the new work being done to polish moons around the planet Hurston. For context, Hurston is a UEE-controlled world and is a major focus for the design teams working on the game, acting as sort of a hub world for transit and economic production. The planet may be a dead husk from over-consumption and manufacturing in-game, but it’s teeming with player activity and new development progress. The planetary features team is the focus with this ATV, and we get to see a vertical slice of the ongoing visual work being done on the main planet and it’s moons.

Player groups have also been busy this week with new events. One such player group engaged in an impromptu Rainbow Six Siege-style event that involved a staged hostage rescue within the FPS component in-game. As Chris Roberts puts it, “It’s very cool to see that type of immergent sandbox gameplay within the community that can help influence our mission team going forward”. Very cool indeed.

There’s also some talk in this video about other behind-the-scenes aspects as well. Various members of the team address the trials of working with legacy code, as well as dealing with employee turnover. And according to CIG’s Eric Kieron Davis, these aspects aren’t as harmful as one might think to ongoing work on Star Citizen.

Check out the most recent Around The Verse from CIG down below. You can check out the broadcast from last week over here too. Check out the latest patch notes on the official site. Cloud Imperium Games has currently raised $191,933,625 from 2,070,334 backers overall.

To see more Star Citizen news, check out some of the other Around the Verse videos, or maybe you want to see some Squadron 42 gameplay. CIG has also responded to ongoing player outbursts over “Pay-to-Win” currency systems, and finally, you should see some really cool ships being build to Star Citizen.

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