How to cheat in X4 Foundations

X4 Foundations Cheat Commands

Cheating is a great way to get ahead in complex games. In singleplayer games like X4: Foundations, it can be used to do things like spawn ships, give yourself free cargo items, and even just give the player buckets of cash. It’s a great way to speed up that early-game grind. When you want to cheat in X4 Foundations, you need to do some work though.

The older games from Egosoft, made this process much easier. The scripting language of the game had a built-in commands console that made cheating very easy, once you modified your save to turn on that feature. In X4, you need to rely on the modding scene to get similar features.

That means you need to own the game on Steam. There is an outdated version on the Nexus, but modifying it to work with the recent game updates is a chore. The best option right now is the Slan Cheat Menu mod.

If you don’t have the game on Steam, there is a way to still get the file. The version on Nexus mods is out of date, so you have to resort to pulling down the Workshop version. That is a bit of a grey area, so I won’t link the tools or sites to download Workshop mods, but you can Google for them. Once you have the .dat file for the mods you wish to use, you need to use a tool to unpack them. The Egosoft forums have a tool for just that purpose: XRWSunpack.

X4 Foundations Cheat Commands

Here are the current commands you can use to do different things to your game. To activate commands you either need to be in the pilot seat of a ship, or standing on the bridge. You then need to target (select) a ship or a station to trigger commands. Press CTRL + H to bring up the menu once you have a target selected.

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  • After activation, simply select a system from the map console, then set a nav point. The script should jump you to that point.

Add ship

  • You can use this to spawn the selected ship in certain quantities.

Modify ship

  • Invincible
  • Modify ammo
  • Delete Selected Ship
  • Crew level
  • Set cargo
  • Set faction

Modify station

  • Invincible – Make the current player ship immune to damage. Can also be applied to target ships and stations. Just make sure to be in the pilot seat when triggering.
  • Crew level
  • Delete Selected Station
  • Add building resource
  • Set cargo
  • Add workforce and manager
  • Set station faction

Modify player

  • Add money
  • Modify faction
  • Add inventory
  • Spacesuit equipment
  • Add blueprints > Add research > Add encyclopedia

Global set

  • reveal map – Reveals all sectors within the game, showing you them all within the sector map.
  • scan all stations – Scan all stations in your current sector.
  • Chain scan – Can be used to scan stations in a sector one at a time.

Quick menu

  • quick Invincible for player ship
  • jump
  • quick set the target as a player faction
  • quick summoning subordinates

Be careful adding too many of a given ware to a ship or station. If you find the command won’t complete, check to ensure you have room in the freight menu before triggering the spawning command. There’s also mods that can add much larger storage options, like this one which adds 100m storage for the player.

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