How to give bad advice in BitLife

Every week, CandyWriter loves to roll out a new challenge for folks to complete in their hit mobile game. This week, we’re dealing with the Amongst Us challenge, which is kind of weird and a bit evil. You need to take cues from the popular defector game of the same name and betray your friends. Here’s a guide on one of the more esoteric steps of this challenge. One of a few different objectives of the Amongst Us challenge is to give bad advice. You need to direct your friends, colleagues and family onto a worse path in life, and it will take some doing.

How to give bad advice in BitLife

The thing about this step is that there isn’t a set button to push to do this. YOu need to talk to your various friends, coworkers and family and get the option to appear. The random Advice event will happen whenever you talk to any listed characters in your Relationships tab. When you speak to one of the people listed here, they sometimes ask for advice. You have a few options, and you need to pick the right one. Now, instead of choosing a positive opinion, you need to give them bad advice.

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Again, the chance of having this event fire is random, but it’s not too uncommon. Just spend each in-game year talking to everyone in your Relationships tab, then hope to get lucky. Once you do it enough times, you can move on to other steps in the weekly challenge.

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