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Frostpunk Survival Mode update is now live

Frostpunk Survivor Mode Update

If you weren’t already having lots of fun with Frostpunk as it turned you into a mess of stress and nerves during a steampunk apocalypse, 11-bit studios has a new update to make the game even harder.

The Survival Mode update brings a few changes to how the game works if you’re up to the challenge. Players can pause the game only by opening a menu and there is no longer active pause. Your progress is only saved upon exit making all decisions final, and to prevent easy save scumming.

The game difficulty is also being increased in successive playthroughs for those that manage to beat the game the first time. The much more demanding game mode promises special achievements for those that complete it. All in all, this increase in difficulty makes it much less likely that you’ll actually survive.

This newest update is the first of several updates planned for the game

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This update does include some additional changes, which you can see in the full patch notes here. Those with Nvidia cards can now use Ansel for fancy screenshots. Check out the trailer for this first update below.

Accompanying the release of Survivor mode, Frostpunk is currently (slightly) discounted, bringing it down to £21.24/$25.49 on GOG, Humble and Steam.

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