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Glassmaker Bounties – Nightwave Week 12

Glassmaker Bounties - Nightwave Week 12

The Glassmaker questline continues to evolve in Warframe. We’re now technically in Week 12 of Nightwave, which means a new challenging batch of bounties is live for the week. There will also be Daily bounties to take on. These dailies usually have the player getting kills, completing missions, or taking out a certain number of enemies with a specific damage type. Most of the simpler bounties can be easily complete while working on the harder weekly ones.

And of course, each week brings a new batch of Cred offerings. Save up your Creds you earn from Glassmaker ranks to buy what you want. Check the bottom of the post for details on the new Cred offerings. Check out the list below of the full details on this week’s Glassmaker Bounties.

Glassmaker Bounties – Nightwave Week 12

The following challenges are in place until Midnight Sunday 2 July/Monday 3 August:

  • Complete 3 Rescue Missions
  • Complete 1 Sortie
  • Complete 8 Zone of Sanctuary Onslaught
  • Unlock 3 Relics
  • Catch 6 Rare Servofish in the Orb Vallis
  • Complete a Defence Mission reaching at least Wave 20 (Elite)
  • Complete 8 Railjack Missions (Elite)

General Tips for Week 12 Bounties

Complete 3 Rescue Missions – Just run Linea on Venus three times, poof, done!

Complete 1 Sortie – You first need to complete the War Within questline, which means you will need to be farther in the game. This will unlock Sorties as a mission type via Alerts.

Complete 8 Zone of Sanctuary Onslaught – This won’t be an easy one if you’re brand new to the game. If you have some experience you can tackle these solo. You just need to complete 8 waves to get the Bounty – which could be done as part of a team as well. Keep in mind that this count is cumulative. It doesn’t have to be 8 zones in one go.

Unlock 3 Relics – Unlocking three Relics first requires you to find them. You can of course use Relics you already had. Just do Hepit in the Void if you need to find three of them. Then, just run the Lith Void Fissure that’s active, check your Alerts tab, to unlock them.

Catch 6 Rare Servofish in the Orb Vallis – Head to the cave fishing spot we always recommend if you just want to try you’re luck in one spot. This will take much longer than moving around looking for spawns though. You’re looking for  Tromyzon (found in Ponds, when it’s Cold/Freezing), Charamote, or Synathid (both found in Caves in any temperature). Lures will help a lot, so be sure to grab some and bring them along.

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Complete a Defence Mission reaching at least Wave 20 – Probably one of the tougher ones for new players. You will want to bring out a pretty tanky build and run this as a group. Don’t focus on farming, just finish the mission to Wave 20. This is also a great time to polish off other passive challenges as well, so knock out some dailies while you’re here.

Complete 8 Railjack Missions – Actually really easy for an Elite challenge. If you want to knock it out quick and easy, jump into Eath Promxima and rush through it a few times to finish this.

New Cred Offerings


  • Sprint Boost (Aura) – 20 Creds
  • Infested Impedance (Aura) – 20 Creds
  • Rifle Amp (Aura) – 20 Creds
  • Rifle Scavenger (Aura) – 20 Creds
  • Shield Disruption (Aura) – 20 Creds
  • Corrosive Projection (Aura) – 20 Creds


  • Power of Three (Ivara) – 20 Creds
  • Prism Guard (Mirage) – 20 Creds
  • Purifying Flames (Ember) – 20 Creds
  • Rumbled (Atlas) – 20 Creds


  • Directed Convergence (Supra) – 20 Creds
  • Focused Acceleration (Tetra) – 20 Creds


  • Vauban Chassis Blueprint – 25 Creds
  • Vauban Neuroptics Blueprint – 25 Creds
  • Vauban Systems Blueprint – 25 Creds


  • Ceramic Dagger Blueprint – 50 Creds
  • Heat Dagger Blueprint – 50 Creds
  • Pangolin Sword Blueprint – 50 Creds


  •  5x Nitain Extract – 15 Creds
  • 1x Built Orokin Catalyst – 75 Creds
  • 1x Built Orokin Reactor – 75 Creds
  • 10,000x Kuva – 50 Creds


  • Ash Locust Helmet Blueprint – 35 Creds
  • Atlas Tartarus Helmet Blueprint – 35 Creds
  • Baruuk Meroe Helmet Blueprint – 35 Creds
  • Chroma Amaru Helmet Blueprint – 35 Creds
  • Ember Backdraft Helmet Blueprint – 35 Creds
  • Equinox Solstice Helmet Blueprint – 35 Creds
  • Hildryn Asuron Helmet Blueprint – 35 Creds
  • Ivara Zirastra Helmet Blueprint – 35 Creds
  • Mesa Longhorn Helmet Blueprint – 35 Creds
  • Oberon Markhor Helmet Blueprint – 35 Creds
  • Oberon Oryx Helmet Blueprint – 35 Creds
  • Protea Telema Helmet Blueprint – 35 Creds
  • Saryn Chlora Helmet Blueprint – 35 Creds
  • Titania Aurai Helmet Blueprint – 35 Creds
  • Wisp Gaoth Helmet Blueprint – 35 Creds
  • Zephyr Tengu Helmet Blueprint – 35 Creds


  • Atterax Desert-Camo Skin Blueprint – 30 Creds
  • Dual Zoren Dagger-Axe Skin Blueprint – 30 Creds
  • Scindo Manticore Skin Blueprint – 30 Creds
  • Tonkor Desert-Camo Skin Blueprint – 30 Creds


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