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Star Fox trailer for Starlink: Battle For Atlas shows off some neat tricks

Starlink: Battle For Atlas - Star Fox Trailer

Starlink: Battle for Atlas features a whole armada of collectible toy ships, all of which have interchangeable parts, and all of which can be used in-game. There’s a bunch of cool ships and pilots that you can screw around with in this game. And now we’ve got a new trailer promoting the recently released game, with the help of none other than the legendary Fox McCloud of Star Fox fame.

The trailer itself is pretty heavy on the action, as we get the chance to see Fox in action as he takes to the skies in his iconic Arwing. There’s lots of space and in-atmosphere action that teases some of the gameplay elements built around ship customization. And as any fan would want to see, Fox is flipping around like a lunatic, performing barrel rolls aplenty.

Starlink: Battle for Atlas is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. Although if you want to add the iconic Arwing to your hangar, you’ll need to play the game on Switch to get it. Whatever platform you play this game on, you’re sure to have fun with the goofy style and highly-customizable gameplay.

If you want to see more footage of this unique little game, check out some trailers for other characters on the roster, like Judge and Chase Da Silva. You could also take a gander at the trailer showcasing how the ship customization works.

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