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Fallout 76 introduces premium sub for private servers

Fallout 76 TV Spot

Fallout 76 is getting something rather strange, something anyone paying attention probably could have called, although fans of the franchise will be a bit miffed over the addition. This is probably due to the gameplay-affecting items being added as part of the deal. What deal? Well, Bethesda is adding a premium service which includes both access to private servers, as well as a bunch of things that those that pay in can use in the main game.  The service is called Fallout 1st, and it grants a ton of gameplay bonuses for the entrance fee of  $12.99/month, or $100/year, with a lot of stuff included that will make venturing through the wasteland much easier.

This service arrives as part of Update 14, which adds a ton of other new content. The patch is pretty substantial in terms of bug fixes and other changes. In terms of gameplay changes, there’s a fair bit both in the free patch, and as part of the paid service. A handful of quests and their rewards have been adjusted. Some UI bugs have been squashed, and a smattering of issues with stability have also been addressed in Title Update 14. I strongly recommend you read the patch notes to get an idea of everything in the patch.

What’s in Fallout 1st?

First up in terms of introductions is a Scrapbox, a storage box that effectively doubles Scrap storage for the player. The Scrapbox is exclusive to Fallout 1st members and can be used in both public and private worlds. Another in-game item is the Survival Tent.  The tent is fitted with a Stash, Scrapbox, Sleeping Bag, Cooking Station, and an instrument for entertainment. This allows players to drop their mobile base at any time, giving them great mobility and travel time across the map.

A bonus 1650 Atoms are rewarded monthly to Fallout 1st members on top of exclusive discounts at the Atomic Shop. This should offer plenty of incentive for those that want to buy things from the cash shop. And yes, any unspent Atoms will still be available for use at a later date. In terms of other bonuses, every Fallout 1st member’s inventory will be granted a free cosmetic costume styled after the iconic NCR Ranger from New Vegas.

So while Fallout 76 has been getting blasted with controversy ever since it launched, things do appear to be getting better. And it’s very obvious that Bethesda is working these new updates in to prepare for the future. With the planned addition of a full Public Test Realm in 2020, there’s likely some more plans in the works that will expand the wasteland. And as the developer also works on fleshing out the storytelling, fans are likely to see some new quests too.

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