How to Complete the Lucrative Lexicon Challenge in BitLife

How to Complete the Lucrative Lexicon Challenge in BitLife

Every week, CandyWriter loves to roll out a new challenge for folks to complete in their hit mobile game. This week, things are getting a bit more high-minded than normal. The process for this week involves becoming a famous author, something we’ve covered before. Then, you need to focus on making a bunch of different media on a few different platforms. Keep reading to learn how to complete the Lucrative Lexicon Challenge in BitLife.

Steps to complete the Lucrative Lexicon Challenge in BitLife

This challenge is a very intellectually-challenging one, so here’s what you need to do. The steps are pretty basic, once you know what buttons to push and when. Here they are:

  • Read the Dictionary
  • Become a Famous Author
  • Write more than two best-selling books
  • Write adult fiction
  • Write a viral Facebook blog post

Reading the dictionary is the simplest, and actually, the easiest one to get done. Go into the Mind & Body tab, then click Read a Book. You will be presented with a list of random books to read. Browse the list of books and choose a dictionary to read. The most common type of dictionary is The Merriam-Webster Dictionary. Click on it and read the dictionary.  If you don’t see the dictionary listed, just pick a random one and Read It for a few pages. Click Pick a Different Book and then a new list will spawn. Do this until The Merriam-Webster Dictionary shows up. read it and move on.

From there, you can work on your social media while also trying to become an author. Keep reading and going to the library to keep your Smarts stat up, it’s going to be a big help here. When you’re first going through school, focus on studying and getting good grades. Then comes college after high school. You need to focus on an English degree to maximize your chances of being offered a writing job. That’s the key to becoming a famous author in BitLife. You need to be patient and grind your way through these extra years of schooling, hoping to get into graduate school. Keep plugging away at your studies and focusing on getting through this with good marks. Once you have finished both college and Grad School, it’s time to look for employment.

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Check the Occupations tab for the right job, you’re looking for a job marked with Publisher/Writer, that’s the writing job. If you don’t see the job, age up and try again. You will eventually get lucky and see the job you’re after in the list. Now you just need to work at it. It’s going to take a while, as you need to work every day at becoming a solid and famous writer.  That means you could spend years doing it, so keep trying. As long as you keep writing and keep those smarts up, you should be fine.

Once you have the writer job, you can begin both cranking out works of literary art and growing your following. You will be given options from your occupation menu to write certain kinds of works, choose adult fiction titles and get to work. Keep churning out writing and you will eventually have the famous author state trigger. Use the Work Harder option under the Job Activities tab at least twice a year as well, this will help your chances. The more works you turn out, the more likely you are to get those best sellers.

At the same time, you should be working on growing your social media following a bit. Click on the Assets tab, then on Social Media. From here, you need to make a FaceBook account and use that every time you age up. Make 4-6 posts on it each year. If you notice your followers and likes going down, stop doing it for that year. Your goal is to steadily grow your oniine audience until you gain a viral post. This will happen naturally at some point, you just have to work at it.

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