How to become a famous author in BitLife

How to become a CEO in BItLife

Become a successful author is hard in the real world. Not only do you need writing talent, but you also need years of work and patience to get agents, publishers and customers alike to notice your work. There’s nothing stopping you from getting to such heights in the digital world. Enter the Great Gatsby Challenge in BitLife. The newest weekly task from CandyWriter has you trying to live out the life of the famous 1925 novel, and the hardest part is also the most crucial. With all that in mind, here’s how to become a famous author in BitLife.

How to become a famous author in BitLife

When you’re ready to begin, there are a few things you should do first. If you’re trying to complete the aforementioned challenge, be sure to be living in New York before you get started. Your goal is to get good stats in the Brains area, but also to get a little lucky.

When you’re first going through school, focus on studying and getting good grades. You need to have pretty high Smarts to get through this, so focus on that a lot. Keep reading books and visit the library often and you should be fine. That’s the easy part of the education marathon you’re about to run though.

Then comes college after high school. You need to focus on an English degree to maximize your chances of being offered a writing job. That’s the key to becoming a famous author in BitLife. You need to be patient and grind your way through these extra years of schooling, hoping to get into graduate school. Keep plugging away at your studies and focusing on getting through this with good marks. Once you have finished both college and Grad School, it’s time to look for employment.

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Check the Occupations tab for the right job, you’re looking for a job marked with Publisher/Writer, that’s the writing job. If you don’t see the job, age up and try again. You will eventually get lucky and see the job you’re after in the list. Now you just need to work at it. It’s going to take a while, as you need to work every day at becoming a solid and famous writer.  That means you could spend years doing it, so keep trying. As long as you keep writing and keep those smarts up, you should be fine.

If you work long and hard enough, a Fame marker should appear on your profile. Once that does, you only need to keep writing books occasionally to keep that Fame marker. While that’s active, you should be able to complete the challenge.

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