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Yakuza 7 announced, changing battles to turn-based affair

Yakuza: Like A Dragon

Sega fans are rather excited about some recent news for one of their longest-running franchises, and one of their most-beloved niche titles. Yakuza 7 has been formally announced, even getting a spiffy new trailer. The story and setting are all pretty textbook for these games, offering up the story of new anti-hero Kasuga. Like Kiryu before him, Kasuga, once part of the Arakawa, but has been exiled over his framing for a murder.

All the typical gameplay trappings are there as well. A drama-driven journey through the seedy underbelly of crime in Japan is interspersed with a variety of lighthearted missions about doing everything from handing out flowers to playing arcade games. That inherent culture clash between mundane life and organized crime will also be present in the personal journey Kasuga takes throughout the game.

The original Japanese release will be titled Yakuza 7: Whereabouts of Light and Darkness, whereas the western release will be titled Yakuza: Like a Dragon. Both will be PS4 exclusives. Check out the trailer for the new entry down below.

Gamers can expect to see a lot of the mini-games and questing commonplace in the franchise present in the sequel as well, but with some very notable gameplay changes. Fans of the other games will know quite well that the main draw of the combat in-game was the fast-paced tactical action, helped along by the depth of the martial arts systems in the various entries. That’s changing with Yakuza 7 though.

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With this new game, the wacky and over-the-top fighting styles will be coming back, but with a new system to represent the whole side of the game that is based on fisticuffs. Tactical real-time combat will be replaced by a turn-based system more at home in a JRPG. And while some fans will balk at this change, it seems like a natural shift for the franchise, with its tone of doing weird and seemingly contradictory things with flair.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon heads to the west in 2020 for the PlayStation 4. A PC release has yet to be confirmed, but many suspect that Sega is waiting to reveal a PC version. It won’t be too much of a stretch to see a PC version, and fans would surely love to see the game in all its 60 FPS glory.

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