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Dead by Daylight introduces horror that makes you feel old with Ghost Face

Dead by Daylight Adding Ghost Face

Ghost Face is coming to a horror game near you. The killer in a halloween mask which spawned the cultural phenomenon that was the Scream franchise, is apparently coming to Dead by Daylight. Ghost Face got their first killing spree underway in 1996 with the original Scream. That cult success exploded in theaters, prompting a full revival of the tropish horror movie genre, and even spawning it’s own satire flicks in the Scary Movie franchise. You would be hard-pressed to find a more iconic killer of the early 2000s movie circuit than this fictional psycho, and now he’s getting a rebirth in the asymmetrical multiplayer horror game.

And now, we get to see just what 505 Games can manage to do with this particular bit of mysterious lunacy. Judging from the trailer, which can be seen below, he’s just getting geared up. Using some rope and a hunting knife to take care of business before he gets to killing proper.

Dead by Daylight operates on a simple premise, one in which a group of survivors have to survive and escape from a psychotic killer. The players on the survivor side have to solve puzzles and use stealth to ultimately escape their torment. The killer is controlled by another player who has special abilities that make hunting and killing easier.

Over time since the game launched three years ago, the developers have slowly been expanding on this core idea with new maps, characters and mechanics. One of the bigger elements of this improvement plan involves introducing tons of new killers to the growing roster of murderous lunatics. And the Scream franchise isn’t the first film property to get tapped either.

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Dead by Daylight has pulled in other Wes Craven creations like Nightmare on Elm Street‘s Freddy Krueger. Halloween‘s Michael Meyers, Evil Dead‘s Ash Williams, and a whole horde of custom creations, each with their own unique bit insanity and bloodlust. The developers have also put in levels inspired by film franchises, like a level based on the Saw films.

Ghost Face doesn’t have much detail yet, although we do know that he’s getting a full reveal on May 31st at 3pm EST.

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