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Monster Hunter Rise trailer adds a bit of flair ahead of launch

Monster Hunter Rise will have free title updates

Capcom has released a new trailer for Monster Hunter Rise that will give fans a deeper look into the game. The new Monster Hunter Rise Rampage trailer adds a new layer to the game and teases fans about monsters inclusions and hunts. Check it out below. We see a hunter struggling against various monsters before unlocking some new gear and really striving to get better.

Fans also get some preview of the backstory of the Kamura village setting, With the Rampage being a huge threat to their safety. It appears that the Rampage will soon return, intent on wreaking untold havoc.

Capcom also dropped some news about the post-launch state of the game, revealing that at least three separate post-launch title updates will be made for the game. The first one adds Chameleos in April. After that, Capcom will also add new hunts and ranks as time goes on.

Monster Hunter Rise is releasing for the Nintendo Switch on March 26. a second Monster Hunter Rise demo is scheduled to appear on March 11, 2021. This will be an extension of the first demo, so if you grabbed the original version, no need to download another package onto your console.

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