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How to get the Song of Resonance in Lost Ark

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Lost Ark is finally available in Western markets. The EU/NA release is underway, and gamers across the globe are gearing up for the new MMO. Players have a lot of things they can do. You can get into guilds with your friends and get together for both PvE and PvP activities. This MMO also has a ton of bosses and dungeons to conquer.  As you explore, you’re sure to find hidden secrets and tons of other activities around the world. The Song of Resonance will come in handy for actually finding these.

Lost Ark has many different songs that players can unlock and use for various purposes. You might want to find the Song of Escape to leave dungeons. You also have a song that’s used to teleport around, the Song of Triport. For this guide, we’re going to find out how to get the Song of Resonance in Lost Ark to be able to open hidden spaces once played. This is very helpful for thorough exploration of new areas.

How to get the Song of Resonance in Lost Ark

Once you’re ready, head to Peyto island, which is located near Anikka. If you’re having trouble finding it, check south of Preche and west of Anich. When you arrive, head to the Peyto Liner, that’s the big ship off of the coast. Look for Igran. This NPC vendor sells items for Pirate Coins, including the Song of Resonance in Lost Ark.

To be able to afford it, you need to hand over 16,500 Pirate Coins. These are earned as part of the rewards for each sailing quest you complete. So really, just keep playing. If you put in enough effort, you can earn enough Pirate Coins to afford the song. Then, you can buy the song. Right-click it in your inventory, and you’ll learn it immediately. Press F2 to trigger your equipped song. You can swap to the song you need in the key bindings. It’s also possible to put it on the hotbar for easy use.

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