How to get Bright Dust in Destiny 2


Bright Dust is the special currency used in the Everstore in Destiny 2. This rotating stock of items is a way for players to access special items, cosmetics and gear from season’s past. The kicker is that Bright Dust in Destiny 2 is not very common. It’s an item that must be gained via very specific tasks. And if you want to get a unique sparrow, outfit or other items from the Everstore before the weekly reset, you don’t want to have to waste time farming. So here’s a guide that you can follow to farm for Dust during your downtime in Destiny.

How to get Bright Dust in Destiny 2

Seasonal Challenges can be a great way to get Bright Dust in Destiny 2. These are random when they spawn, so they won’t always be available.  Open up the Dashboard and navigate to the Quest Tab. At the top, you will see listings for all the current tasks you can finish. Each one lists a reward and what you need to do to finish it. Cycle through until you find the ones that reward Bright Dust and do those.

Other challenges that can be farmed include weekly playlist bounties, weekly holiday bounties from Eva Levante, and by gaining certain levels on the Season Pass.

But what if you’re after some of this special powder and there are no available seasonal tasks? There are a few other options you can explore.

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How to get Bright Dust in Destiny 2

Getting Bright Dust in Destiny 2 from Vendors

There are two primary methods for getting your hands on Bright Dust in Destiny 2 via Bounties. The first is the single-use vendor bounties found in each zone. Each Vendor (Zavala, Shaxx, and the Drifter) has both single-run Vendor Challenges and repeatable Bounties on offer.

The challenges are the quick method, but they don’t offer much Bright Dust. Each challenge tier will reward the player with 120 Bright Dust. You will need to finish off 8 Bounties within the challenge tier to finish it. There are three tiers to each challenge task. So you can earn a maximum of 360 Bright Dust per each of these three vendors from each tier. You can earn a total of 1,080 Bright Dust by beating all nine tiers from these three.

What about Bounties?

The better method is repeatable bounties from each of these three vendors listed above. Though you only get 10 Bright Dust per bounty, these can be run an infinite number of times. You can essentially farm much more than that 1,080 Bright Dust, it will just take a lot longer. This is a very grindy method, but it’s much more sustainable long-term.

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