How to complete the Pewdiepie Challenge in BitLife

How to Complete the Pewdiepie Challenge in BitLife

CandyWriter has enabled a new challenge this weekend in their mobile sim, BitLife. To live out your ideal digital life, the developer has added some interesting new challenges, with the goal designed to let you live out your fantasies. Last week, you got to become the comic icon, Harley Quinn. This new challenge is a bit more involved and very fitting for the digital age. So you have what it takes to take over YouTube? Here’s how to complete the PewDiePie Challenge in BitLife.

How to Complete the Pewdiepie Challenge in BitLife

To complete the PewDiePie Challenge in BitLife, you’ll need to be a male born in Sweden, and that’s just the start. You will be able to pick your birthplace and gender right at the start, now you need to grow that social media presence.

You need to start ASAP when it comes to completing this challenge. Keep churning out gaming videos when you’re young and you should do well early on. Be careful and pace yourself though, as you don’t want to spam your audience and harm growth. Here’s what to do instead of just spamming content. To sign up for Social Media in BitLife, tap on the Assets tap and click on Social Media. Sign up for Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, and most importantly, YouTube. Now you’re ready to start making content.

Go back into the Assets tap and click on Social Media. Click on your YouTube account and click Post. This will allow you to select a genre to create content in, click Gaming. You must only ever post gaming content to your channel to finish the challenge. Now you just need to grind your way to 10 million subscribers and get a viral video along the way.

The biggest key here to getting those 10 million subscribers is to go viral. As you produce more content, you will likely increase the odds that you go viral. As you focus on the core of your channel, usually gaming if you’re trying to complete the new weekly challenge, then you will notice steady growth. Just keep churning out content and hoping that you eventually get a hit video. The reality is that it is mostly luck though, so just keep at it. Eventually, assuming you’re producing consistent gaming content, you will go viral. You can also help boost this by doing other things to fill up the Fame meter on your stats screen. This is where the other Social Media accounts come in handy, as you can increase your Fame with content outside of gaming. Getting higher Fame might mean you get more popular, and have viral videos more commonly.

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There is a cheat you can do in BitLife and buy subscribers. To get all the way to 10 million would mean you need to nearly $240,000 on subs on the digital game. And there’s no guarantee that this would work, as it’s possible to get banned from the sit for doing this. But if you want an early game jump after you had your first job, it is an option to help boost you up a bit.

  • 100 Subscribers: $7
  • 250 Subscribers: $15
  • 500 Subscribers: $23
  • 1000 Subscribers: $39
  • 2500 Subscribers: $79
  • 5000 Subscribers: $119

Combine buying subs with actually producing content and it does help speed things up though. As long as you’re posting more than three times per year to YouTube, posting consistently on other Social Media will keep your Fame up. The more Fame you have, the higher your odds of going viral. Making a video go viral on YouTube in BitLife requires a lot of luck, so you just have to keep trying. Eventually, you will get to 10 million subs and wrap up the PewDiePie Challenge in BitLife.

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