How to get a viral video in BitLife

How to Complete the Pewdiepie Challenge in BitLife

The new Pewdiepie Challenge in BitLife tacks on a new aspect to the game. You can become your own role model in this digital life sim, and even live out your dream career. Among the many things you can do to make a living, is becoming a YouTube star. Like many other previous challenges, this new challenge has a key element that requires a lot of work. Here’s what you need to do to get a viral video in BitLife.

Viral videos are a great way to get a sudden and huge boost to your monetary gains and viewership on real-world social media, as well as in this game. It’s much more random in the life sim, and a lot harder to manipulate in CandyWriter’s world. You can gain a massive number of subscribers as you put up more content, so it’s more of a patience test than anything else.

How to Make A Video Go Viral on YouTube in BitLife

As you produce more content, you will likely increase the odds that you go viral. As you focus on the core of your channel, usually gaming if you’re trying to complete the new weekly challenge, then you will notice steady growth. Just keep churning out content and hoping that you eventually get a hit video. The reality is that it is mostly luck though, so just keep at it. Eventually, assuming you’re producing consistent gaming content, you will go viral.

Just keep an eye on your view counts and response. The key seems to be to post on each account 3-8 times a year. If you start losing subscribers, stop posting new content. The amount of times this takes to happen appears to be randomized.

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Anytime a video goes viral, you’ll get a notification and you should see your stats jump up on YouTube. You will also want to make other Social Media accounts and post on those regularly.

Your Fame is very important. You can also help boost this by doing other things to fill up the Fame meter on your stats screen. This is where the other Social Media accounts come in handy, as you can increase your Fame with content outside of gaming. Getting higher Fame might mean you get more popular, and have viral videos more commonly.

Now that you put in the work it’s kind of a waiting game. If you notice that more and more people are tuning out as you’re overloading your genre, slow down your content and let the viewers recover. In that time, make sure to keep posting to other Social Media to keep Fame up. If at any point your views start to drop using the above method, just slow things down a bit and wait it out. Putting up too many videos to your channel can actually harm it, both in real life and when you’re trying to get a viral video in BitLife.

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