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Animal Crossing: New Horizons second Summer update to add cloud backups

Animal Crossing: New Horizons second Summer update

Nintendo has announced some new features for Animal Crossing: New Horizons that are sure to excite many players and fans of the Switch game, coming with a new update later this week. The developer has announced a series of changes coming in Animal Crossing: New Horizons‘ second Summer update that will add some very much needed features.

The biggest changes are that we’re finally getting cloud backup and save support with the patch on July 30. The saves from your Switch will automatically back up to the cloud when the update goes live. Although give it a few days to make sure as there could be delays. You can use this service to restore your island or player data if your console is broken or lost. This is something that ACNH has needed since launch, so it’s great to finally have the option.

Another new addition to the game will be special events called Dreaming and Fireworks Shows. Luna, the same NPC from New Leaf, is back to bring some new features to your island. Throughout the month of August, a fireworks show will start at 7 PM every Sunday. Players can also participate in a raffle hosted by Redd on these days. There are some special rewards to be had during this event.

A final new mechanic is the addition of dreaming. Players will be able to access a new dream realm when they go to sleep each night. The mechanic will also tie into Luna, and allow for a new means of visiting and sharing the islands belonging to other players. Luna will give players a Dream Address to share for this purpose.

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