How to Complete Bounties in Fortnite

How to Complete Bounties in Fortnite

The seasons change, and each one brings something new to the digital table. Bounties in Fortnite got the refresh this week. The bounty board has a few new locations this week, and Season 6 will likely continue to get them in the mix of things. The Bounties are a great way to get Gold Bars for weapon upgrades and other items.

When you find a bounty board, go up to it and interact with it. The game will bring up the radial menu, you need to select the “Bounty: Eliminate Enemy Player” option.

When you find a bounty board, you can go in and get a bounty to complete for Gold Bars. You need to go out and take out your target to get credit. You can get some credit for the assist if you take them out along another When you accept the Bounty, a random enemy player becomes your target. The first player to take them out of the match gets credit for the bounty. Bounties in Fortnite will trigger a big yellow marker on the map that shows the region they’re in, so it makes it much easier to find them.

All Bounty Board Locations in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6

  1. Stumpy Ridge
  2. FN Radio
  3. Dirty Docks
  4. Green Steel Bridge
  5. Pizza Pete’s Food Truck
  6. Camp Cod
  7. Apris Ski
  8. Red Steel Bridge
  9. Holly Hedges
  10. Lockie’s Lighthouse
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