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Star Citizen Gets New Video Explaining How Ships are Made; Crowdfunding Passes $177,000,000

Star Citizen Alpha

Cloud Imperium Games released a new video of its upcoming space simulator Star Citizen.

The video showcases the process of creating ships, also introducing the teams and developers responsible for the process of bringing each warbird from the concept phase to flyable and beyond.

We also get a part giving an update on the MISC Razor, which is a really sleek racing starship that basically looks like a space-borne F1 racer.

On top of all that, we’ve seen Star Citizen surpass $177 million in total funding raised. More precisely, the game is now sitting comfortably on $177,027,542, with 1,972,571 registered users.

“It’s a long process,” Roberts quips. “It involves approximately 49 years of obsessively watching science fiction films and TV shows and reading a lot of science fiction novels, plus being a bit of a World War I and World War II enthusiast, and taking all of that and then coming up with various ideas for ships that have sort of been inspired by things that you’ve seen, things that you’ve read, things you know in the real world that fill in the various roles that we have in the game.”

Things like, you know, Serenity or the Millennium Falcon, to which you surely have an “emotional attachment,” he posits. “So we balance the combination of the practical needs that we want to fill in from the game requirements with the sense of an emotional attachment, so it’s not just a purely kind of cold pragmatic science.”

You can check out the video below, and see for yourself why I can’t wait to do some healthy space racing. If you want to see more of Star Citizen, you can enjoy a vertical slice of the single-player campaign Squadron 42, a post on tanks one on atmospheric flight, and one on starship manufacturer MISC. You can also read more about the plans for the next major update, that will be alpha 3.1 in March. You can also check out the details of Crytek’s lawsuit against CIG.

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