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Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid is a pretty intense game for a simple isometric adventure in the zombie apocalypse. Players have a lot to learn, and it can be overwhelming at times. With the sheer volume of stuff there is to make, some players just don’t want to bother. There is a ton of depth to the game, but some players just want to goof around, and that’s OK. Here’s how to use Project Zomboid cheats and console commands to make the game a lot easier.

The process for cheating is simple in the vanilla game, but it’s kind of limited, so be warned. Spawning items in and other common cheats in PC games aren’t that intuitive by default. It’s worth noting that some mods also make this process much more streamlined. Mods that can spawn items, like Necroforge, are very popular. The biggest reason for this is that they often have more intuitive UIs, and better mod compatibility. But if you just want to use the in-game options, here’s how to use Project Zomboid cheats and console commands.

How to Open the Console in Project Zomboid

The first thing you need to do before you can use Project Zomboid cheats and console commands is enable and open the actual command console. The method for doing this will vary based on the version of the game you’re using. For this guide, we’re going to focus on singleplayer cheats. These are a bit easier to use than compared to multiplayer.

You will need to modify the Launch Options in Steam for this to work, here’s how.

  1. Open Steam, and then your Library
  2. Right-click Project Zomboid and choose Properties
  3. Click General
  4. Inside the launch options box, add “-debug” without the quotes.
  5. Launch the app and create your desired game.

Once you have enabled the debug mode, load into the game. Once you’re inside the game, you will notice a new icon on the in-game menu. At the very bottom of the UI you will notice a bug icon.

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What kind of cheats are there?

This new button will open up the main debug menu when clicked. There are a few options in the General Debuggers menu. The Game tab allows you to change game settings and states on the fly. The Moodles and Body tab allow you to alter any stat on your character. The General Cheats option allows you to toggle certain cheats like free skill gain, or no-cost building. There are many other things you can change, but you will have to peruse the options yourself to figure them all out. We’ll go over some of the most important ones.

Most players will notice that it’s possible to completely alter your character’s stats and moodles. Also, you have a new Cheat interaction option on the right-click menu.

For example, you can add wounds to your body via the Health menu. But there’s so much more you can do. For most players, the Moodles and Body tab is where you want to head. There are a few options there worth mentioning. God mode can be found at the bottom, making you immune to all types of damage.

Ghost Mode is another interesting one. Ghost Mode allows the player to effectively turn their presence to 0. They will be able to slip past zombies without ever triggering them. Your character is effectively invisible with this toggled on.

Free building is a great option from the General Cheats section. Once activated, no-cost building cheats allow the player to build any structure, regardless of resources. so if you want to spam out a base without having to worry about gathering tools, this is the option for you. There are some bugs that can crop up if you build things in the wrong place though, so be aware of placement.

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